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There are currently seven members in our crew. Five are invested rovers and two are squires. We come from all over the area of greater montreal, from the west island right out to the east end. Everyone is between the ages of 18 and 20, which means some are in CEGEP while others are beginning their university studies. Here are some brief profiles of the members of our crew.

Paul Di Marco Paul is the new Mate of the Wayfarers Rover Crew and doing a fine job. Codenames "Yo Mama" or "Homey P", he is also quartermaster of the crew and keeps all our equipment (1 stove, 1 lantern) in top working condition. He is well known for scorching off people's eyebrows while lighting his stove, as well as being able to reproduce with frightening accuracy any sound or accent he has ever heard. Paul is also a skilled programmer and owns a CYRIX INSTEAD processor.
Kevin Stirling Kevin, the new Assistant Mate of the Crew is better known as captain Canada due to his fierce national pride, was also recently invested as a rover. He is also the treasurer of the Crew, and so far has managed not to spend all our money. Kevin, as the tallest member of the crew, succeeded in bashing his head against lean-to roofs more than anyone else on the last canoeing trip.
Joanna Hobbins Joanna is currently the scribe of the Crew. She was recently invested as a rover on our last canoeing trip. She is most remembered for her valiant efforts in making our water drinkable on the canoe trip (actually, she was the only one with enough patience to work the water filter).
Francois Brunet Francois is, along with Tracy, Paul, and Julian, one of the founding members of the crew (you may not have recognized him because of the frequent change in hair color). Francois has the uncanny ability to turn any sentence into a Prodigy song. François is by far the laziest member of this troop and loves waking up later than anyone else.
Assad Farah Assad is another east-ender along with Paul. He and Francois form the skater core of our crew. He is better known in some circles as "DJ Acid" or "Homey A", and enjoy's reminiscing about the cultural pillars of our society: Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer.
Julian O'Flynn Julian is a Rover at Large this year. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He's better known by some of the Crew members as "Chef" and is quite skilled at canoeing and salavaged our canoes more than once on the canoe trip.
Tracy Arsenault Tracy is a Rover at Large this year, as She is currently studying rocks (also known as geology) at the University of New Brunswick. She has however joined a crew over there. One of her crowning moments was her stunningly executed face plant into the river while attempting to drag her canoe and Joanna up some rapids on the Oswegatchie.
Sheila Dunwoodie Sheila is our crew's advisor, and we have nothing embarassing to say about her ... yet, apart from her discreet efficiency.