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This log book documents the journeys upon which the crew has embarked. Whether it be on a wild week long trip to the Adirondacks, or a trip to Tamaracouta, you'll find it in here! We would like to thank Mark Spielman for all his time and patience in scanning most of the pictures found here.

Friday March 19th, 1999 Paul, Francois and Joanna went to see a show on comets and asteroids at the Dow Planetarium. Unfortunately other crew members could not attend. The show itself was rather interesting, but it was created for people with basic knowledge in this domain.
December 21, 1998 All of the Rovers gather at Joanna's house for a refresher course in rock climbing. With both Rovers at Large home for Christmas the Crew is back to its normal size. The Crew then proceeds to Allez-Up for a little climbing.
November 7, 1998 Paul volunteered to accompany two Scouts on a day hike at Mount Saint Bruno. This hike was a qualification for Mike to receive his Silver Arrowhead. Good fun was had by all. Thanks to Paul the Scouts experience their first taste of "Rover Rations".